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 guide and diary

12 weeks to kickstart healthy eating

and lifestyle habits that stick

This book is

a guide to

Never go on a diet again

Have a solid knowledge and information base on nutrition

Create a positive mindset on eating any foods 

Make informed decisions on your meal choices


diary to

Design your meal plans that fit in your taste preferences and lifestyle

Visualise your body transformation

Track your progress weekly

Know what is driving your efforts and achievements

Spot the moments when you mind plays tricks and sabotages what you most want


What this book is not


A one size fits all approach

An unsustainable method that once you stop you will be back to square one

A very restrictive calorie diet that makes you feel hungry, lethargic or worse starves you

A system that demonises food items 

An encouragement to be totally dependent on supplements or slimming powders


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