Anna's Story

       As a practitioner my mindfulness meditation journey began as a baby. I was only 6 month old.

I had to sit still for hours with my hips bundled and firmly opened, like a baby buddha, to heal a congenital hip issue.

This lasted till the age of 1 year old. During that time, when I had enough of playing with toys around me, I found myself tuning into my senses to absorb and observe the world around me and then I just simply remained in stillness and silence with my eyes open.

       My adult practice of yoga started in 2001. And 10 years ago, I stepped into the Guru to student teacher training path with Swami Shanti Prasad, in Trivandrum India. Ever since my teachings and style are deeply inspired by the simple, deep Southern Indian Yoga tradition, that Swami Shanti Prasad continues to pass onto me.

       Coaching as a verbal instrument for self-discovery and growth came to me during my time at the Hult MBA. In a triad-group formation each week my team and I gathered to be coached, to coach and observe. In no time, I became fond of coaching. The enormous benefits for growing a nimble, resilient and impactful mindset inspired to obtain ILM level 7 Leadership Coaching Certificate.

       An unexpected change in life two years ago is the catalyst for starting

'power of n'.

Reconnecting to the roots of life and purpose through mindfulness meditation and yoga, healthy eating and self-coaching made it possible for me to raise up and move forward.

The lessons I learnt and the experiences I made are the inspiration for supporting others in achieving what they most desire to be.