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Anna's Story

I have always loved sports and fitness from a young age. 

I have not battled with being overweight or obese but I have battled to remove wheat & gluten completely from my eating habits.  It was hard to let go of my favourite foods and find alternatives that I liked and enjoyed. I was in a yo-yo mode for many years until an acupuncturist told me that I was eating “poison” for my body, damaging my health. That was a big wake up call for my willpower to eat for my body, not just my mind.


At 37, the onset of early menopause and the imbalances in hormones that were affecting my body shape and my brain was stressful and unsettled. I gained weight  not because of emotional eating but due to  the tiredness, insomnia and the mood swings that happened multiple times a day. My body was expanding and clothes did not fit anymore. Yoga teaching was not enough to keep me in shape, so I started going to the gym. I hated it, always hiding in classes with poor results. Only since I got a personal trainer did I see results, felt mentally balanced and stronger and happy with my new body shape. 


My personal trainer encouraged me to leverage these experiences and the yoga instructor background and become a personal trainer to help others like me.


And now, I have moved into being a more rounded Fitness professional with Level 2&3 Personal Trainer qualifications. The classes and personalised workout programmes I deliver combine my knowledge of holistic yoga and functional/strength training in the gym environment.


I am a dedicated Fitness and Wellness coach with a passion for improving health, fitness and quality of life. I love coaching and motivating clients to achieve transformational goals with tailored personal training and nutrition programmes and mindset coaching sessions.


​An unexpected change in life in 2017 was the catalyst for starting my wellness company, power of n. Reconnecting to wellness of body and mind through fitness, healthy eating, mindfulness meditation, yoga, empowered me to move forward with confidence and purpose. 


My life experiences are the inspiration for supporting others in achieving what they most desire to be. 


Life is a journey, made up of baby steps that take you forwards. Through continuous discovery, growth and transformation, change happens.

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