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power of n is honoured to have you participate in our retreats, coaching sessions and private tuitions. We understand that at times, life happens and you can no longer follow through on the commitments you make. We have created this Terms & Conditions in order to uphold integrity and best practices from a business perspective, and we believe it is a compassionate approach.


In the terms and conditions below 

power of N will be referred to as power of N, we or us


you will be referred to as the client, he/she, his/her or him/her



power of N and the client enter in a contractual arrangement when full payment has been made. Full payment for any retreat is to be made at the time of booking and that secures a place for you or for you and a friend on the given iteration of the retreat.

Full payment for coaching sessions and private tuitions is to be made at the time of booking.

A payment link or banking details of power of n will be provided when a booking is confirmed.

If payment for a retreat, a coaching session or a private tuition is not received within 24 hours, power of N reserves the right to cancel the booking. 




The client agrees to pay the price of any retreat as advertise on the website and through any marketing, digital and advertising channel.

The client agrees to pay £80-£150 for 1hour yoga tuitions and £200 - £350 for 1hour coaching sessions (face to face/phone/video conference). 

power of N reserves the right to offer discretionary discounts and this does not affect the status of any other client who has paid the full price and no discount will then become due to him/her.




Coaching sessions & Private tuitions 

power of N and the client agree to give each other at least 48 hour notice when schedules change, so that no charges are made for a missed session. 

If the client cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the scheduled session, a charge of half of the agreed session fee will be incurred. This amount will be added onto your next session.

If power of n cancels a class or private tuition with less than 48 hour notice, the client may transfer payments to another week or arrange to reschedule on a different date of that week.



If for any reason the client cannot attend the retreat, regardless of the circumstances, and


1) the client wants to transfer the retreat to a different person, power of N will do so, minus a £25 admin fee


2) the client has to cancel, the following refund policy will apply: 

  • Cancellation 1-21 days before the retreat, 0% refund 

  • Cancellation 22-56 days before the retreat, 50% refund, minus a £25 admin fee

  • Cancellation 57 or more days before the retreat, 100% refund, minus a £25 admin fee



INSURANCE (for retreats)


power of N strongly recommends that the client takes out insurance in the event that he/she has to cancel or curtail the retreat and costs are incurred in accordance with the above terms.

power of N cannot waive its cancellation policy or liability for loss of holiday in the event that the client is unable to travel to the retreat.



power of N cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of personal possessions or valuables of the client while on a retreat. 

power of N accepts no liability for loss, damage, injury or illnesses which may be occurring during the client’s stay or whilst travelling to and from a retreat or a yoga session. 

power of N shall not be liable for any failures beyond its control. This covers natural disasters, war, ‘acts of God’, closure of airports, civil strife, accidents or failure to perform by third parties, including suppliers and subcontractors.   




The client takes responsibility for his/her own safety and wellbeing by informing power of N of any issues, injuries (past & present) and medical condition. 

power of N will ask for these details as part of the booking confirmation process.

The client must ensure that he/she is medically and physically fit and able to use the facilities and participate in activities. 

A Client who has injuries or illnesses is advised to seek doctor’s advice before booking a retreat or a yoga session with power of N. 

If the client is feeling any pain or sickness during a retreat or a yoga session, he/she MUST inform the teacher and/or a power of N associate immediately. 

The client understands that he/she must proceed with caution, exercising with care at all times and must take full responsibility for his/her practice.




power of N takes the protection of the client’s personal information very seriously. All information and attachments which he/she shares with us via all communication means are confidential and intended for the original purpose of disclosure only. 

power of N ensures that the information the client entrust to us will be held securely and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).




These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in all matters regarding them. 

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