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Ladies who lift

The programme

A 4-weeks


A close group of 8 ladies ONLY

come together 

to perfect 

THE SQUATs - Front and Back

(one of 3 big strength lifts in the gym)


You will learn and practice


from physical preparation to techniques and form

 in a 1hr private small group PT session.


STARTS on Saturday 21st January 2023

at 12noon


PureGym Wandsworth

Who's it for

 Ladies who are into strength training and

who are keen to maintain a healthy balance of mobility and strength when

performing the 3 big strength lifts in the gym


* Improve athletic performance

* Increase muscle strength

* Prevent injury 

* Improve form

* Develop mind-muscle connection

Session Structure

Warm up & Dynamic Stretches

tool box of Strength Training exercise

specifically targeting the key muscle of Back & Front Squats


Lots of Tips and Feedback

Your Investment

All of this for ONLY £60

Why me as your

Group TRAINer




What's your next step

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